Personal Assistance Services

The Self Directed Personal Assistance Services Program (SDPAS) is a program designed to allow fully Medicaid-eligible persons with a disability to manage their personal care.  The SDPAS program allows the consumer to stay in their home and be the manager of their own care.

Eligibility for SDPAS:

  • You must be fully eligible for Montana Medicaid.
  • You must require assistance with daily personal/health care needs you cannot provide yourself.
  • You must obtain your physician’s approval.
  • You must pass the screening capacity to administer your care.
  • You must be self-directing or identify a person willing to assume the responsibilities of the program on your behalf.

Services Covered:

Help with the following activities of daily living (ADL’s) are covered by the SDPAS program:

  • bathing
  • transferring
  • grooming
  • hygiene
  • toileting
  • dressing
  • exercise
  • medication reminders
  • medical escort
  • shopping
  • laundry
  • household tasks and cleaning
  • community integration
  • correspondence assistance
  • yard hazard removal

Skilled nursing tasks that are exempt from the Nurse Practice Act for the purpose of this program are:

  • medication administration
  • bowel treatment
  • urinary system management
  • wound care

Your SDPAS Responsibilities:

You are the boss: you find, you train, you schedule, and you supervise those who you want to work for you. You are responsible for setting the hiring requirements for your particular medical and care needs. 

  • You must have a back-up worker
  • You must review and approve all time sheets for your workers
  • You must participate in compliance reviews conducted by NCILS and the Montana Department of Health and Human Services
  • You must obtain your physician’s approval.

NCILS’ Philosophy Regarding SDPAS:

NCILS’ philosophy is to empower Montanans with disabilities to promote self-direction, independence, inclusion, integration, and quality of life.  These goals are achieved through collaboration, cooperation, and providing beneficial information and education.  NCILS believes in motivating success through informed choices.

NCILS’ Mission Regarding SDPAS:

To address the activities of daily living needs for Medicaid eligible Montanans by:

  • providing education to consumers, promoting freedom of choice, and consumer control regarding their healthcare needs and options
  • meeting contractual obligations with the Montana Department of Health and Human Services
  • providing fiscal management and oversight of the services delivered
  • encouraging as much independence as possible

Benefits of the SDPAS Program:

  • You are the boss.
  • You decide who and when your worker(s) assist you in your own home.
  • You train your worker to your needs. You are responsible for setting the requirements and necessary qualifications for your hires. 
  • NCILS handles the payroll, taxes, Workmen’s Comp, and the unemployment taxes.