About Us


NCILS has been serving individuals in the community since 1989.  NCILS is a cross-disability service agency providing assistance to persons all across North Central Montana, from Plentywood to East Glacier, Great Falls to Wolf Point, and everywhere in between; seventeen counties in all.  We also have a satellite office in Glasgow. Also included in our service area  are four Indian reservations:

  • Blackfeet
  • Fort Peck
  • Rocky Boy
  • Fort Belknap

NCILS Mission

Our Mission is to provide access to a more independent lifestyle for persons with disabilities through advocacy, education, coordination of services and information as directed by consumer need. The corporation shall be guided by the principles of the consumer control which include as much independence for the person as possible, the chance for a person to experience life to its fullest potential, to advocate for barrier free communities, to give accountability and credibility to a persons own choice with a right to dignity and independence.

NCILS Philosophy

Our philosophy is to assure that persons with disabilities are recognized as individuals with the same basic rights, needs, and desires as any non-disabled individual. These rights include but are not limited to:

  • Achieving as much physical and psychological independence as their disability will allow.
  • Participating in social, recreational, political, religious, and community activities and events.
  • Accessibility to public transportation, housing educational and employment opportunities.